Founder and Director of OneSelf.Yoga


Jackie grew up in London. A free spirited woman who joined the Police in the late 1980’s. Described as a pioneer, role model and strong voice, completing a 30 year career as a Senior Detective, an expert in the area of sexual trauma and violence. She went onto study Kundalini Yoga and holds level 1 and 2 Kundalini Research Institution (KRI) certificates. Additionally training in Kundalini Yoga Therapy using Ayurveda and Acupuncture pressure points as well as Meditation. Described as medicine for the 21st century. Jackie travelled extensively to Mexico, India and Europe, choosing to specialise as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer. She graduated from the Kundalini Research Institution as an Associate Teacher Trainer. Having completed her training with the Karam Kriya School in Europe and I-SKY, International School of Kundalini Yoga.

Jackie is a mother of two grown up children. She lives a full and healthy life, experiencing first hand the demands of balancing a family and working life. As well as the constant pounding of stress, compassion fatigue and post traumatic stress.

Now her work is designed to help those with a range of problems including sleep disorders, digestive issues, concentration problems, anxiety and addictions. All common affects from stress burn out and trauma. Her work is based on her experience within the Police Service, treatment through the National Health Service, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and the profound transformation accessible from Kundalini Yoga.

Jackie works with most mind conditions, having studied the mind from a yogic perspective, but also has a special interest in women’s issues including self empowerment, stress, period pains, fibroids, pregnancy and menopause. Empowering women to live happy healthy balanced lives. She is writing a series of books. Her first healing trauma living with oneself, has been endorsed by the complimentary medical association and the Kundalini Research Institution. Said to be Spiritually uplifting, powerful and empowering.