Missing in Action?


Caring about our colleagues

Quite often disputes and disagreements take place within the workplace.  Especially when staff are working under pressure. This can result in absences from work, or grievance procedures.  Which take oh so much time to resolve. Sometimes deadlines are missed and the pressure becomes too much for the body and mind.

Our most powerful shield against the cumulative impact of stress is our own attitude, to know that it is up to us to interpret our situation, to turn challenges into opportunities and to live with gratitude and trust.  

Studies have shown that veterans who have quality of hardiness experience fewer injuries and far quicker recovery from physical and emotional traumas.

Managers in a high stress business, when measured for hardiness, normally have a 93% chance of having at least one serious illness.   

Attitudes of strong supportive habits such as exercise, moderate eating and active social involvement.

Stress does pressure us, and accumulate within the body, we can deflect the build up of wear and tear on the body and its problems by developing our nervous system and cultivating attitudes that bring flexibility, courage and character to everything we do. 

Kundalini Yoga is a Tune-Up.  Proven to have a positive impact on individuals. Which accumulatively affects team performance and service delivery