Self Empowerment in Action


Sometimes we get stuck, most of us do at some stage during our lives. Life Coaching is a process of taking your dreams, ambitions and desire for change to the level of attainment. An opportunity to be heard, work with an expert with an understanding through personal experience.  Empowering you to become your own psychotherapist.

Chronic stress appears to be on the rise. People don’t have enough time or control over their lives. Too many people are demanding too many things from us. At the same time there has been a breakdown of normal stress buffers, such as a strong family support. Paying attention to nutrition, herbs, meditation, exercise and relationships are all important.

We all hold stress in the body.

Women commonly hold stress in their ovaries and their secretions affect the subtle cycles. Too much stress can throw off their monthly cycle and disrupt their moods. The role of women has become much more complex and less secure, even as more power and freedom have been attained. Regardless of all the social changes, or what country we live in, a woman is still a woman in terms of her sensitivity, polarity and energy flows.  

The good news is opportunities, challenges and possibilities are pouring in.

In Kundalini Yogic philosophy it is said, it will take ninety days to build the body to tune it up. It’s called a tune-up.  In Hatha Yoga it would take twenty-two years.  In Bhakti Yoga it would take life time after life.  

This is not a quick or simple process – but we all have it in us to achieve it. Practicing daily breathing exercises, yoga postures, mediations and making small changes.  

It takes 40 days of consistent action to break a


90 days to instil a new one. 

That is step by step, day by day to reach your new goal.  Whatever that maybe.  Relationship, job, change in habit or even the courage to let go of the past. 

How it works

I work with you, to support you to make the changes you wish to make in your life.  

Together we create a detailed, accomplishable plan of action to progress things forward.  Specific yogic techniques and tips, food and diet, you yourself apply to your daily routine and life.  I then support you to make these changes by completing weekly tasks, taking action where there has been none or little before.

Have you ever thought of it like this?  

In spite of what your life has been or is, what your state of mind is, or what your body state is.  

If we decide we have the power to effect positive change in our lives

we can!

Kundalini Yoga Works.

It’s for everybody