Rape is one of the most serious

Yet misunderstood crimes with unique challenges.  It has a devastating and long- lasting effect on its victims and yet it is highly probable that in most cases there will be no visible sign of injury. Contrary to popular stereotyping, rape is most commonly perpetrated by someone known to the indiviudal, who is often a current or former spouse or partner.  Or someone known to the victim. 

Rape is a crime that occurs across all communities regardless of the socio-economic background of the victim and perpetrator. However a number of different pressures may add to the profound trauma of rape. These include mental ill-health, learning disability and previous sexual abuse. So often, reasons such as self-blame, shame and guilt result in many individuals never reporting the crime to the police or finding the strength to do so only weeks, months or even years after the event. Self-loathing, a desire for privacy and a compulsion to carry on as normal are common responses to trauma. Those who choose to report, even relatively soon afterwards, may provide an inconsistent account for a variety of reasons including fear, trauma, embarrassment and genuine error, rather than for the more commonly assumed reason of dishonesty.

The Psyche which means Soul, cannot be raped or sexually assaulted.

By being fully present. Accepting our individual existence, vibrating our existence and maintaining the Souls integrity in the feminine sense. That means to get into our own infinite flow. Doing what is right for us in life. Through Self Empowerment, moving forward.

The mind and emotions are governed by the Heart. The Heart is where the Shen (Consciousness, Soul, Spirit Within) resides. The Heart controls other conditions that can contribute to anxiety and mental unease like the ability to sleep well, issues of emotional volatility, powers of concentration, regular heart rhythms and good circulation. Kundalini Yoga works directly with the Heart Energy, moving trapped energy from the lower chakras up to

The Heart. Its a wonderful Power

In our Life we have relationship: We are sensual, sexual, personal and impersonal, platonic, magnificent, magnetic, psyche, sense, relationships - 7 chakras, 7 relationships; but do we ever have a relationship - a relationship built on me to me?
— Yogi Bhajan 31 Oct 94