Jackie is wonderful. My heart is filled with complete joy. I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity and for being such a blessed support each and every step of the way. For certain, I could not have managed this without you and I shall be forever grateful
— Nichole
Such a lovely book, visually, emotionally and spiritually.
— Siri Neel Kundalini Research Institution
I got your book, makes me very emotional ..... it is so pure ..... so beautiful ....... it is very recognisable you did an amazing job! I love it. Dear Sister, you touched me deeply with your story, with your being! Thank you for sharing it. I forgot to tell you that if eels like that you wrote it for me ...... trauma ....... stress ...... thank you, thank you
— Natalie
I attended Simranjeet’s weekend course for women, ‘Releasing Trauma’, in October 2018 at Joy Yoga. I was absolutely blown away by the experience. I was initially very hesitant about going and didn’t make the decision to actually attend until the morning of the course. I know I have a lot of trauma stored up and hidden away – both from past work and past relationships – and I was reluctant to confront this and scared to shake it up… I didn’t know if I’d be able to handle it once I let it out, and I was also worried about sharing it with others and being in a space with other women who’d had traumatic experiences.

All I can say is that I am so happy I followed my instinct to go to the weekend (as much as I was trying to ignore it!) Initially, I told myself I’d only go for the first day, but by the end of the afternoon, I’d totally changed my mind and was really looking forward to the second day. Simranjeet is a wonderful, unique individual who has put an incredible amount of care, love and thought into the programme. She speaks in a very down-to-earth, straightforward way and yet injects everything she does with a deep spirituality and meaning. For me, this meant I could start to see my past experiences in an uncomplicated way, simply as things which happened to me, and at the same time find some meaning in them and start to feel strong again. The space which Simranjeet creates is safe and healing – she made me feel comfortable to speak or to remain silent as and when I wanted. I made some powerful connections with other people on the course, and this sense of togetherness and shared experience made me feel safe, secure and empowered.

I loved the way Simranjeet combined straightforward guidance and examples from her career and life with powerful Kundalini kriyas. She had clearly done an incredible amount of research into kriyas for releasing and shifting trauma, and they worked. One of the sets of exercises we did made me start crying profoundly almost immediately, and it felt like I was releasing long-held trauma from my body. I felt so light and different afterwards, it was incredible. I am constantly amazed at the ability of Kundalini yoga to get right to the heart of what’s damaging my body, and to bring it up and out, without me thinking about it consciously at all. So the weekend was a really effective mixture of talking and thinking, and just letting go and letting the kundalini work its magic.

The weekend was a starting point for me. It felt like I finally began to make some really positive headway into letting out deep-seated trauma. I now feel empowered to continue that work on my own and am incredibly grateful to SImranjeet for facilitating that. Her wonderful book has become my companion on the journey of releasing trauma.
— anonoymous
I have been doing Kundalini Yoga for almost four years. Going once a week on a Friday is a blessing. I leave de-stressed and batteries recharged, ready to take on the offerings of the next week. This yoga practise is very different to yoga I have done in the past. From feeling unsure about what it was offering me with its chanting, singing, laughing, all with your eyes closed and feeling very silly. I have learnt to embrace this practise with reverence and respect. In doing so, it makes me focus on the breath and mind, leaving me calm, balanced, happy and still. I bring these qualities home to the family, where life, albeit hectic, enables me to manage with joy, clarity and a relaxed simpleness. I have in the past experienced depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I work in the public sector and like many have a stressful job on top of day to day family life. I would encourage anyone with an open mind to come and experience Jackie/Simranjeet teaching Kundalini Yoga. Seize the opportunity of her knowledge and life experiences she will not teach anything that she has not tried and tested.
— Genevieve Clark