Psychological trauma is a type of damage to the mind that occurs as a result of a distressing event.  Trauma is the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds ones ability to cope, or integrate the emotions involved with that experience. Exhaustion, chronic fatigue and burnout can happen for a number of reasons, but whether you feel close to the edge, have been diagnosed or are recuperating on sick leave, the recovery process is slow. The body and its reserves have to be built back, the mind emotions calmed and the lifestyle that contributed to the condition adjusted.

Kundalini Yoga works well to restore the body to health, slowing building back essential levels of energy, in the blood and nervous system. We also work to calm the mind and stable the emotions, allowing you to make the necessary changes to prevent it happening again.

Initial consutlation

Session: 1 hour

Discussion of the nature of your complaint, we will look at your date of birth and where you are in your life for any major transitions. Suggested treatment plan with Meditation provided.

7 days later

how are you getting on?

initial consultation and meditation

Session: 1.5 hours

Commitment to daily practice, diet and journalling essential. Copy of Releasing Trauma Living with Oneself given as support. Move forward with the practice


Session 1 hour

Follow up sessions usually last an hour. They begin with an update on current health situation. Suggestions for Self treatment at home to support the main treatment will be made where possible. Where a longer follow up time is desired or required 1.5 hour session is possible

To practice will be taking shape and making adjustments


Session 1:30 minutes

At 40 days of practice.

Begin with an update on the practice, journalling and significant changes. Whether you have been able to return to work. Change careers, or make the change necessary to support recovery.


Session 1 hour

At 90 days of practice


Session 1:30 hour.

At 120 days of practice

Final consultation

Session: 30 minutes -

Where to now?

This support package is an opportunity to work closely in a structured one to one sessions with Jackie. Committing to the mediations and exercises, as well as food, to encourage and allow the healing process to take shape and integrated.


Once you restore our own vitality, you can enjoy your virtues.
— Yogi Bhajan 18.11.191